Tsubasacon 2013 has ended
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Fayetteville, West Virginia
Artistic, 1st chair alto saxophone at the FHS band, junior. I love making new friends with the same interests, it seems like everyone in Fayetteville just likes to party and do drugs which I don't really want any part of. This is the first time I've actually made my cosplays look good, but if you see a Kankri going around with no horns that means I rage quitted on them. I'm a hardcore Homestucker (or whatever you call it) and all my friends think I'm totally crazy because of it. I LOVE musicals and Disney movies! But don't think I'm a pansy, because when it comes to horror and gore I go out of this world with it. I love writing, and, don't mean to brag but, my AP English teacher absolutely loves my writings and he's very hard to impress! I know all of this makes me sound SOOOOO interesting but really the only thing I ever do in my spare time is play Sims 3 and watch movies. Oh, and I play other instruments other than saxophone; bass, ukulele, piano/marimba, a little drums and ocarina. I dunno, there's not really much else to say about myself, I think I've totally spazzed with fangirlish delight over this convention already soooo xD HOPE TO SEE SOME FELLOW HOMESTUCK COSPLAYERS!!! And I can't wait to meet some new people too!!

Feel free to message me any before the con or something through my ask button on tumblr (dicki-mac-jay.tumblr.com) or through an email (dicki.joe97@gmail.com)!!! :3